When you think of Pattaya you regularly think of beaches and sun and tourists milling about enjoying the sunshine.  You hardly ever think of tailors Pattaya as that is better known in Bangkok but it seems that this is indeed changing as there are now many high end tailors Pattaya that can easily rival whatever is provided in Bangkok and some well-known Bangkok tailors have even opened branches in Pattaya such is the new demand and revival for tailoring in this seaside Condo for rent Pattaya city.  I have to admit that I would never think of getting tailored clothes in Pattaya as I much prefer getting them in Bangkok but, as a test, I decided to see whether or not tailors Pattaya could match or exceed what I am used to experiencing in Bangkok.First of all I was very impressed with a few tailors I found along the beach.  I have to admit that, like Bangkok, there are spots where tailors Pattaya really are right next to each other but I just saw that as an opportunity to shop around and play around with them to see if they would match each other or beat the prices each other offered.  Herein I discovered a flaw in my plan, it was not that the quality or service offered by tailors in Pattaya was poor but that they all knew about each other and their prices.  This meant that it was very hard for me to find any better deals other than the ones they were already advertising.I found that I was treated with the same great level of service as I was used to in Bangkok and one tailor in Pattaya even told me that they worked with a tailor in Bangkok to source materials and ship order to and fro so that customers who were travelling between the two cities could order their clothes in one store in one city and pick it up in the other, I thought that was excellent customer service and just affirmed that tailoring is just a big business with the tailors in Pattaya as it is in Bangkok.This was actually a godsend for me as I found a tailor Pattaya I liked and they arranged to have my clothes ready to pick up in Bangkok in 24 hours as I was only in Pattaya for a short time.  This comfort and piece of mind reminded me why I preferred to purchased tailored goods compared to clothes off the rack, sure, I was paying a little extra but I thought that the money was justified considering what I was ordering really was one of a kind and unique to me.  I have great faith now in tailors in Pattaya and I whole heartedly recommend visiting such a shop if you are in the area and are on the lookout for some tailored clothes at affordable prices so that you can always end up looking your best whilst lounging on the beach!