You may have seen biometric security software in any number of futuristic movies. The use of voice identification, fingerprints or retinal scans to gain access into app developer in malaysia a building or to use a computer might seem futuristic. But the technology already exists and has been in use for over a decade.

It is not currently in widespread use, which is why it Techies App Technologies Sdn Bhd seems to fit in the movies. Many people are unaware of it. A lot of companies still rely on guards or keypads and passwords to secure their buildings.

According to the private consulting firm of Booz Allen, the technology has been used by the federal government since at least 1995. There is even some controversy concerning its use in terms of personal privacy and civil rights.

So while it might be emerging or still developing in some ways, the technology is not science fiction. It exists and can be used by your company.

The technology can be used to secure an entire building or a single room within the structure. It can and is being used to restrict access to company computers.

Vehicles can be equipped with scanners that allow only certain individuals to drive them. One of the instances that provides some support for the controversy occurred when a man’s finger was cut off by car thieves in order to get around the car’s security system. That happened in Malaysia in 2005.

In most cases, biometric security software has been a successful crime deterrent. There may be ways to get around it. But, it is the best system currently available.

If you wanted to protect your employees, copies of their fingerprints can be integrated into an RFID tag. As with other kinds of tags, they could be stolen. But at least, your employees might be protected from injury during a robbery.

Biometric security software can also be used simply to confirm an employee’s identity. That could be important in a very large company.

Governments around the world are already using the technology in their “e-passports”. Many countries have announced plans to implement the technology in the future.

Cards can be used to store all kinds of personal information. Medical conditions are examples of information that can be stored on the identification cards. This is very helpful in emergency situations.