DY Constructions Australia specialises in Office Strip Out, Defit and Makegood services, catering to the requirements of both Tenants and Office makegood Landlords.

If you are in the process of relocating, DY Constructions Australia can seamlessly retrofit your office to a ‘makegood’ standard, ensuring compliance with your lease agreement. Our Office strip outs and make good services are designed to address the tenant’s responsibility of removing all redundant fixtures, fittings, installations, and alterations carried out in a commercial office Office strip outs space. This is particularly relevant when these elements are not needed by the new tenant or are mandated for removal in the lease agreement.

With a wealth of experience, we have successfully executed numerous ‘makegood’ and office stripouts projects across Sydney, serving tenants, landlords, and building owners. Following the office stripout, additional work may be necessary to restore the property to a leasable status. DY Constructions Australia is well-equipped to handle all repair works, including the removal of partitions and repairs to ceilings, floors, walls, and repainting, preparing the space for the next tenant or meeting landlord requirements.

List of Makegood Services we Provide:

Our comprehensive list of services caters to the diverse needs of office stripout and defit projects. The specific tasks may vary based on the end-of-lease obligations outlined in your lease and the tenancy fit-out guidelines provided by the landlord. Typically, the Make Good clause entails the tenant returning the office to its original pre-lease condition and includes a detailed list of repair and defit tasks.

We prioritize effective communication by conducting onsite meetings with you to discuss your obligations in detail. Subsequently, we provide a thorough proposal outlining the necessary works, including the restoration of your office to its original base building layout. This encompasses repairs, makegood procedures, and repainting of lobbies, bathrooms, kitchens, and perimeter walls. We take the initiative to coordinate all Makegood works with your landlord, ensuring the timely completion of the project before your lease expires.

If you would like to learn more about the services we provide please visit our Commercial Stripout and Makegood page