It is essential in normal development and healthy maintenance of animal skin, hair, meat, toe, hoof, reproductive system and nervous keto kreme system.Pig lack of biotin, slow growth, hair removal, skin from the dry flake oozing brown liquid, and tongue from the horizontal crack, hind legs, rigidity, heel erosion of soft hoof heel and cuticle cracking, reproductive decline; lack of birds, dermatitis of the beak and toe claws deformation, decreased hatchability, fatty liver and kidney syndrome, slow growth, lower survival rate. The preliminary data demonstrate that biotin can also enhance the role of copper on growth, reduce backfat thickness, improving the ketone drink ketones challenge quality.

The cosmetic raw material biotin is widely present in all protein-rich feed. There is a high biotin content in peanuts, but it has the large variation. In the majority of grain and flour a class rich in starch feed, there are few biotin. Biotin can be fully utilized in the corn, soybean meal and animal protein feed, other feed available biotin low. Chicken biotin availability of wheat and its by-products of approximately 0 to 20%. Animal gastrointestinal microorganisms can synthesize a small amount of biotin. Past decade Ming feed content, the use of low natural feed alone biotin can not meet the needs of livestock, poultry, industrial production must be added biotin; add a higher amount of biotin can improve the disease resistance of livestock to prevent the hepatorenal syndrome of the chicken fat, reduce the chicken sudden death, reduce the chicken disease, to prevent livestock stress-induced decline in productivity.

Addition of biotin in the pig, chicken feed can generally improve production, lower feed consumption, particularly barley, wheat-based diet effect. Add the amount of biotin in the diet by many factors, including high energy diets, especially the unsaturated fatty acid content, high protein diet, biotin need to increase, in addition, some inhibitory factor affecting its requirements, the Health contains egg protein avidin and biotin binding, so that loss of activity. Diet containing a large number of antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs, or diseases of the digestive tract, inhibit or affect the microbial synthesis of biotin and gastrointestinal absorption of biotin. Feed rot can cause the destruction of biotin. Part of biotin can be replaced by inositol.