But, these could be distributed among a limited number of people only as distributors would manually pass them. Later, the idea of publishing them in newspapers and magazines came into action and the sales were proliferated. People used to cut them from newspapers and magazines and present to the cashier while Coupons purchasing.

However, this method of sales promotion worked but could not bring 100% results as all the published coupons could not be redeemed. Reason might have been the accessibility of coupons to people when they did not need Promo codes them. This method can be effectively leveraged by making them available to all who are purchasing instead making them available for all including those who are not intending to buy anything.
With the advent of internet, sales promotion methods were highly influenced. Now, all the business organizations including manufacturers were available online. Brick and mortar shops confronted the challenge of agile online stores. Online stores cater to the people from every walk of life of all ages with thousands of products and hundreds of brands.

Most of them offer free shipping and secure payment options like payment through net banking, credit card or debit cards and in many cases the facility of cash on delivery. In spite of providing a number of benefits, they are preferred for exciting deals and offers. Online shopping stores also adopted the idea of coupon codes or promo codes to maximize their sales. They leverage the benefits of making promo codes available to all those who are purchasing products round the clock.

Promo codes are a series of alphabets and numbers. As they are tailor-made for online stores, they are made available on separate websites. All the leading brands issue coupon codes and promo codes to the websites to offer them to consumers. In lieu of making codes accessible to the consumers, they make money by getting some payout.

This way coupon codes benefits ever body including manufacturer, consumer as well as promo code offering websites. Online shoppers just need to copy the code from the website and paste it in the relevant box while checking out from the webpage and the discount amount is redeemed from their bill.

Another way of promoting sales of online stores is through a link. Whenever, the user clicks on the link it gets activated and he or she lands on the webpage of online store displaying thousands of products. Most of the times discount through any of the above mentioned method can be availed additionally along with the discount offered by online shopping store. This is like an icing on cake for the shoppers making it the hottest way of shopping.

The shooting up of online shoppers is resulting in the internet inundated with innumerable online stores offering a wide range of branded products falling under the categories like Health and Sports, Jewellery, Men, Fashion, Home and Living, Electronics and Accessories, Travels, Gifts, Office Supplies and Stationery, Food and Beverages, Women Fashion, Electronic and Fashion, Fashion and Accessories, Kids, Personal Care, and Kitchen Appliances etc.