Cyprus is a little island, But it actually has all that a cyclist can dream of: mountain courses (the Troodos), incredible sea shores, shoreline bicycle rides, great food, radiant days and warm friendliness with the vast majority talking in English, and Rent bikes a ton of good inns and cabins to remain.

As we had just 2 days, the decision to go Cyprus trekking was very regular.

Setting up our bikes

As there was no spot along our arranged Cyprus cycling course to lease bikes, we had no real option except to take our own bikes with us.

We pressed our Santa Cruz – Superlight bikes in a case, and as we intended to lease a vehicle we took a vehicle bike rack with us.

Pressing bikes, as well as transportation them via air is something we generally attempt to keep away from. Despite the fact that behaving like occupied and ruined grown-ups, as we passed on the assignment of pressing to Chen Lazami, our lengthy timespan faithful repairman from the bicycle shop, we actually detested the round of “are we going to get our bikes on the air terminal in one piece?” This appeared to be more significant around then substantially more than Cyprus trekking itself.

Causing us a deep sense of alleviation – our bikes endure the two excursions, and the main minor shock that we had, was with the air delivering back home from Cyprus, by Cyprus Air. We were mentioned to pay 30 pounds (around 40 US$) for air transporting. I would encourage you to check ahead of time with your travel planner assuming that this is important.

We showed up at Larnaca air terminal around 9PM and leased a family vehicle (no pre reservations were required, and it was exceptionally straightforward). We unloaded our bicycles and stacked them on bike vehicle rack.

40 minutes of driving, a big part of it on little town streets and we showed up to the focal point of a tranquil, excellent town, Lythrodontas.

We settled on a telephone decision to our host, and he came to the town community to direct us to his brilliant B&B. At 12 PM we wound up in 2 separate wonderful old style rooms, prepared for the following Cyprus trekking days.

How treated take with us?

The climate during that season was still very warm, so we didn’t need to take weighty dress with us. We just had our late spring riding garments.

As we had a rental vehicle with us and our rides were (nearly) roundabout the two days, we didn’t need to convey along such a large number of things-just the essential least adornments that we normally convey for a standard trekking trip back at home:

One sets of cycling shoes (with spikes)
2 arrangements of cycling garments, including cycling shirts, shorts and socks
Bicycle riding gloves
Power gel – About 3 for each riding day (We accepted that viewing food was not going as an issue in this excursion – see Cyprus pictures beneath)
Emergency treatment pack, including sun insurance cream and relief from discomfort cream (Bengay)
Trekking maps – the best fitted for our outing was a 1:75000 cycling map
Trekking shades, bike speedometers and bike back capacity rack
On some trekking online journals, they say that GPS isn’t actually needed. Still we chose to take with us our GARMIN eTrex GPS, for good measure…
Camera: We had a camera for still pictures. About video, my involvement in head protector camcorders isn’t simply extraordinary: I have chosen to utilize my past Sony DV camera all things being equal.
Individual records, a few cash and books (Just like ALL of our trekking trips, in this one too we never at any point opened a solitary book, however we will keep taking books with us in our future excursions..)