When choosing a home improvement company to build you a new conservatory or extension, replace your windows or doors or even re-surface your driveway or build you a new Ballarat Fencing patio, you always choose wisely, A prudent homeowner always does some research first and asks to see testimonials from satisfied customers, they ask to view other similar jobs and carefully evaluate the reasons to choose one company over another and with home improvement it’s not always a case of choosing the cheapest over the more expensive company because at the end of the day, your get what you pay Fencing Contractors in Ballarat for.

One home improvement that a great deal of homeowners in Merseyside seem to neglect though is replacement panel fencing, which does seem a little bit impractical seeing as 95% of detached and semi-detached residential properties in the area have wooden panel fencing in either the back garden, the front garden or both gardens. We see countless beautiful and well maintained homes with stunning landscaped gardens, modern upvc replacement windows, composite doors, stunning pattern imprinted concrete or block paved driveways that are let down by broken, missing or rotten panel fencing.

There is no need to go to the expense of replacing your panel fencing each and every year so that it stays looking good for longer because even though your fencing is exposed to the weather and elements it can and should easily last between five and ten years. The main reason panel fencing doesn’t seem to last anywhere near this is simply. When you buy a new home the fencing is done at cost so that the developer makes a good profit and as long as it looks good when you move in, your happy, but this economical, budget fencing is usually manufactured from thin, poor quality soft timber, timber that hasn’t been treated with a good quality preservative is usually loose fitting and badly put together, the result is that the fencing rattles in the wind, blows out during stormy weather and rots in just a few months, especially in damper climates. The fencing purchased from DIY chains is the same budget type so you’re only going to get another 12 month out of it, 2 years if you’re willing to treat it with a good quality preservative before installing.