There are numerous grounds teeth replacement need to work terminated. Various times it’s due to some accident. Whether it’s an auto Accident, a fall, a slip or a foul baseball gone mouth injury can definitely lead to teeth healthy teeth replacement. Some time teeth need to replace due to some kind of disease. If you lose teeth due to some decay or some gum disease, it act not essential means braces are the merely option. Today’s technology for teeth replacement is truly quite significant. Not only it’s more predictable and faster than earlier technologies of teeth replacement and much more it is done on reasonable value than your expectation. If something regrettable occurs to your teeth, it’s vital to consult a doctor (prodthodontist) to restrain the impact on your mouth. Deficient teeth can consent the contiguous teeth to become expatriate. Damaged or cracked teeth should be rigid to hoard the teeth as teeth whitening possible.

The dental problems which lead to fixed teeth replacement are:

Dental crowns

A crown are also known as restoring damaged teeth, caps and mimics the shape, colour and size of the surrounding teeth. Crowns are indicated for cracked teeth and teeth with the deep cavities, to protect the teeth with root canal treatment to provide extra support for bridges. Crowns are made up of metal, newer restoration material or porcelain. They are custom made and fitted for each patient in conformation with length and size of the natural teeth.

Dental bridges

A bridge alleviate the gnaw of a patient who is missing one or more teeth. Bridges thwart the adjoining teeth from poignant of changing in the mouth. Unlike partial dentures, bridges are everlasting; patients require not eradicating them. In this missing tooth is replaced with an synthetic tooth associated amid the two caps which are enduringly are bridged on the closest teeth.


When your teeth is missing it not only creates the problem while chewing your food but also it affects the configuration of the adjacent teeth and which effects health of your jawbone area. The best way to swap the absent teeth is with your dental implants. The implants can be applied as, anchors for bridges, stand-alone teeth or connection for amputation dentures.