India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world and it is growing at the rate of more than seven percent. It is world third largest economy on the basis of Purchasing power parity model and seventh on the basis of GDP. As we can see that many public and private companies are expanding their business in India. Many private companies are investing in India in different Govt Job Alert states. Our country’s government organisations is also investing huge amount of money in expansion of their business and also looking in new possible areas. Every day we read in news paper about their investment announcement. Companies needs skilled workforce to keep investment on track. Each year India needs millions of skilled labour and graduate workforce. It is required in all sectors like construction, information technology, Telecom and electronics. Public sectors organisation also needs huge amount of staffs to provide better and efficient services. So we can see that many government jobs notification are coming each day.

Our government is took some initiative to strengthening public sector organisation and improving work efficiencies of government offices. As a result we can see that projects are moving faster and files movement in fast track in offices. So called red tapes are minimized by the central government and providing better services to public and investors. Due to that many companies are coming in India for investment. Our government is also in fast track mode for improving and making new infrastructure projects like roads, electricity, pure water supply and many more. As we all know that all these infra projects are mainly done by the central government organisation or state owned companies and for that they needs well educated staff. So we can see that every year many people are hired by the different public sectors utilities and central as well as govt offices. So we can say that economic growth is increase the employment in both government and private sectors. From last one decade thousands of persons took Govt Jobs 2015 in various government organisations.

Each year thousands of students graduating in india from the different universities. All students need jobs but they only want Government jobs. Government jobs have more advantage rather than private jobs. In govt jobs, employees get more salary package and limited time to work and no work pressure and there is no chance of firing. So we can say that job security is more in the government organisation. Due to lakhs of students are applying for single post, clearing the exam is become very tough. Aspirants who cleared the govt exam in first attempt they get well respect in Indian society. Only few students cleared the govt exam in first attempt and rest are trying for many years and many didn’t get jobs in government organisation. Many students doing lot of private tuitions and joins coaching centre for cracking the exam in india. So in india, Students who cleared the govt exam and join in any government organisation is a dream come true. Students who working in any central as well as in state organisation they get more respect in society.