The companies that are providing boiler installation in London and all across the United Kingdom needs to go through a thorough inspection conducted by the authorities that are responsible for the gas safety. The reason behind this is very gas engineer obvious. According to a survey, every 2 fires out of 5 are caused just because of the incorrect installation of the boilers. There might as well be many other causes such as poorly sealed gas fitting or the other low quality work standards.

If you are looking for the new boiler installations in London, then it is necessary for you to get familiar with the necessary qualifications that a boiler installation company needs to exhibit. Here are the things that you should know about the services:

  1. Gas Safe registered services

In the United Kingdom, Gas Safe registration is mandatory for the companies or professionals working with boiler repair and installations. This is necessary to meet the safety standards set by the government. Gas Safe was established in the year 2010 in order to replace the old CORGI gas standards. So, before you hire a boiler installer in London make sure that he is Gas Safe registered.

  1. Office address

When looking online for a local service, you will be able to find a number of service providers over there. But, when you look a little deeper into it, then you will find out that they don’t have an office address and they are doing it just as a part time job. For the most professional results, you need to ensure that they have a valid office address.

  1. Get advice

Before you buy a specific boiler model, you should tell the company your needs and place of installation. Most of the premature boiler failures occur due to the overburdened demand of heat. A professional company will have all the best products and they will suggest you the best option as per your home’s needs.