The photography industry tends to be a localized industry and does not easily lend itself to easy expansion. It is much easier to sale widgets around the globe than it is to sell photography services around the globe; however there are ways in which a photographer can expand his geographic reach.

First, an experienced photographer can partner with a new local photographer or with an experienced photographer who doesn’t want to deal with the business side of running photography business and would like to focus all of his attention on headshots actor photographing.

In this model, the expanding photographer can provide marketing material, search engine optimization work, order fulfillment and editing. The local photographer meets with the clients and shoots the sessions.

Another way a photographer can expand beyond his local market is by becoming a destination photographer. In order to succeed at this model, the photographer must have an excellent and widespread reputation. The world has far more wealthy clients willing to pay for a premier service than does any one local. Thus a photographer willing to travel can expand beyond his geographical location by becoming a destination photographer.

Subcontracting work out to other photographers is another way to expand. A business that has an excellent marketing arm can market in a number of locals and subcontract the actual shooting to a local photographer. This concept is similar to partnering with another local photographer. However, in the latter model the local photographer is more likely to take all of the benefit of repeat business from clients because he has developed a relationship with them and they will keep coming back to him. In the later former model the expanding photographer, as a revenue sharing partner in the local business would be in a better position to profit from any repeat business.

Another way a photographer can expand his geographic reach is by offering a service to other photographers. Editing, advertising and album design are all examples of ways in which a photographer can serve other photographer from all across the country.