In todays world,it would seem that pornography and erotica are nothing too special.There are millions of pornographic websites operating all over the internet and Erotic Books are being sold even in mainstream book stores, as well as artists creating erotic art that is displayed in art galleries and museums around the world.But this wasnt always the case.Erotic art and writing has existed since ancient times, however until the past few decades it never attracted much mainstream attention, mainly due to the fact that any art that was viewed as sexually explicit, be it literature or visual arts, was viewed as taboo and pushed into an underground world.But recently, many of these underground works have become known to the world, especially erotic books written during the mid-twentieth century.One good example is the erotic fiction created by cinema director Ed Wood.He wasnt particularly well known for his work in erotica, but mainly for creating films such as Glen or Glenda and Plan 9 from Outer Space.But an exhibition that was held in New York in November of 2011 showcased a lot of his erotic writings.The gallery show was called Ed Woods Sleaze Paperbacks.Finding some of Ed Woods erotic works such as Orgy of the Dead can be quite hard these days, even with the internet making finding used books and vintage literature much easier.The reasons behind this are simply the underground nature of pornographic material during the times where it was written and published.While romance novels were available, they didnt go into too many graphic details about sexuality.Erotic novels were often written by using pen names and were published by companies that were not very well known.Many of the publishers operated in the shadows and didnt keep any records of their activities, which makes the books harder to find.Furthermore, there are cases where two or more authors shared a pen name and where books were republished under different titles, thus complicating the task for anyone who is looking for a specific book or the works of a certain author.But for those who like reading vintage erotic literatureArticle Submission, a gallery such as Ed Woods Sleaze Paperbacks could be very interesting.What makes Ed Woods erotic writing unique is that it isnt strictly limited to pornography.His books contain interesting aspects of philosophy; sociology as well as psychology that many would agree would be very hard to find in todays erotic literature.