Naples, a small town in Florida, has seen a major transformation over the years from a sleepy fishing town to one of the best and most upscale places to live in the naples real estate entire USA. From its humble beginnings as the home of a fishing community, Naples, Florida slowly expanded over the years to become a resort location. However, as a resort location, it offered a wonderful stay for tourists but very little more. Since then, the community has further evolved and become fully residential in nature. Naples Florida today offers everything you can expect from an upper crust locality. It offers fine dining, exciting upscale shopping along the Fifth Avenue and the Third street as well as museums and multiple top quality golf courses. Add to that a great place for both saltwater and freshwater fishing, water sports and fine, sunny weather all around and what you get is the perfect place to live in. This has actually been endorsed by numerous polls and ratings over the years where Naples, Florida has consistently figured amongst the best places to live in America.

Naples Florida real estate today contains some naples florida real estate of the most sought after properties in Florida. Especially regions like Pelican Bay and Pelican Marsh in the city have seen buyers queue up to buy properties. Homes in Naples, Florida for sale have been flying off the shelves, even in the post recession market. Properties Naples offer buyers to live in a truly upscale environment but with prices which are lower than places such as Miami Beach. However, to get the best match for your tastes you need a good Realtor in Naples. A top notch Realtor has extensive knowledge of Naples, Florida real estate. This, combined with knowledge about your requirements allows him or her to show the best properties to you.

When you are out hunting for real estate in the Naples area, you can also look at the nearby Bonita Springs community. Homes for sale Bonita springs can spring great choices on you. The area contains some of the finest white sand beaches in the region. Upscale shopping and dining apart, you get the famous Bonita Springs golf course too. You can ask your Realtor to show you properties in the Bonita Springs area as well. Other great places to look for in the nearby area when house-hunting include homes for sale in Estero as well.