If you are considering the option of selling your home, it is important to consider hiring a real estate agent. Good agents play an important role in Real Estate Agents in Dubai providing proper estimates of the market price of homes.

It is important to avoid choosing an agent sorely on the Real Estate Brokers in Dubai basis of agent fees and commissions because the lowest fee may not equate to the best deal. Furthermore, an agent who is willing to quickly lower their commission could suggest desperation.

Moreover, it is a red flag that they would be ready to lower the selling price of your property during contract negotiations. The most important reasons for hiring a professional estate agent include:

· Education & experience

It is advisable to hire the services of a person who knows better because you stand to benefit more than if you handled the job yourself. If you lack information of market conditions in the estate industry it is advisable to consider hiring a professional.

The estate agent knows the market conditions governing your buying or selling process, including the average per square footage cost of similar houses, average days on the market, average sales prices, ratios of the list to sold prices and more.

Therefore, an educated and experienced estate agent will be able to work in your best interest to get the best deals. Furthermore, the right agent knows how to sift through the mountain of calls, to find potential home buyers and induce serious buyers. This gives you the ideal opportunity to redirect your energy to other important activities.

· Price guidance

Estate agents possess insider knowledge about your neighborhood. They have the right industry information, such as comparable sales, data on schools, demographics and crime.

They know the upgrades performed on a home several blocks away, its listed price and the actual selling price. Therefore, he/she will be able to guide the process of making the pricing decision based on the supplied data. Based on the market demand, supply and the property’s condition, the agent will be in a position to devise an effective negotiation strategy.

They will look at the problem and set the correct rent. In some cases, you may be compensated up to a year’s rent if the landlord was in breach of contract. 

It is vital as a tenant to stay updated on current market prices. It helps you predict rental increases and protects you from a rogue landlord. Ensure you use the Real Estate Brokers in Dubai for the most accurate numbers.