This opinion is very much shared by all fans of progressive rock music. Rush is one of the most influential progressive rock band of all time. And being best spanish songs this influential, it gives way to songs that this Canadian band would etch into the history of rock music. These three songs are not only the 3 best Rush songs, in my opinion, they mark important stages in their recording career.

These three songs are what I find to be the best…

1- “La Villa Strangiato” from Hemispheres

This amazing instrumental demonstrates what best songs Rush does best. The track opens up to a Spanish styled guitar riff by Alex then roars into the main intro before dropping into the open lamenting lead with its crystal clear guitars, synthesizers as Geddy and Neil join the fun. The song takes you through different musical states. You get tossed in different direction all to be brought back to the opening main riff.

2- “Working Man” from Rush

The list of great albums from Rush is all so ever long and plentiful. The first instalment, and self titled album RUSH, truly gives you the insight of an up and coming prog rock band. This first album gives way to great rock songs, but the song that truly rises to the top of this album is Working Man. Probably the most recognizable Rush song. This being the pre Neil Peart album, the opening guitar riff and big booming bass of Alex and Geddy propel you to the middle section where it opens up to a great solo and that huge bass sound.

3- “2112″ from 2112

The complexity of the title track 2112 offers the listener a soundscape beyond what the average rock album would offer. Although Rush have since altered this 20-plus minute track in concert, playing the first two sections only “2112 Overture” and “Temples Of Syrinx”, you must have the listening pleasure of the whole track to fully comprehend why it should be one of the top songs. From the opening parts to “Attention all planets of the Solar Federation. We have assumed control. We have assumed control.” You get the view of a great track. This is progressive rock at it’s best.

Through songs like these, you can paint a musical picture of the band Rush. The topic of the best songs of Rush have often ignited great debates on this list. But in the end, everyone should agree that these track are great songs.