Product Photography is in my opinion the most important part of your online Ecommerce store. Would you buy a new pair of socks or a gadget for Product Photographer the kitchen without seeing a picture of them first? I’d don’t need to tell you this! that’s why you’re here, reading this, isn’t it? So let’s crack on.

Lighting isn’t the most sexy of subjects but I would put it up there as perhaps the single most important part of taking quality product photography. I bet at some point you’ve been out at night and wanted to grab a quick picture of the family or your friends on your phone only to find that the image looks flat and has no detail. Without going into full camera nerd mode and explaining in detail why this is, it’s because the sensor isn’t getting as much light as it needs so your phone is trying its best to make as good a picture as possible and end up having to smooth over and washout details. There’s a reason why flash exists!

What should I do then?

Buy some lights! You don’t have to blow the budget on a set of pro level studio lights because believe me, as a product photographer, it’s easy to think you need the biggest and best equipment! If you are a start up brand that is after a budget friendly setup then set a budget and stick to it.

What Type of lights do I need for Product Photography?

I would look to buy continuous studio lighting. This basically means the lights are always on. The other type of lighting that I personally would avoid for product work is flash.