Most Asian weddings take place over a number of days including a variety of rituals, venues, gatherings and of decorations for various events. Different Indian Wedding Photographer decors may depend on the budget or the chosen theme. Most Asian weddings are a grand affair, and a unique decoration that reflects your personal perception always makes your wedding a memorable day for everyone.

A few decoration ideas for Asian weddings:

• Colours – If you are planning a traditional wedding party, bright red and golden can be used for drapes, in flowers and wall hangings in the main hall. In case you are planning to have a themed wedding, you can go for off beat colours like bright green and pink. In some westernised Asian weddings, the use of silver is also prevalent.

• Lighting – You can set the mood with the lighting you use at the venue. An ethnic style is to illuminate the place with lanterns and candles instead of using electric light. Other methods of lighting like using dim coloured lights in varied intensities gives you various options. Or else, you can go for uniform lighting that is not too bright, but just the right intensity and colour for aesthetics and comfort.

• Usage of oversized items – The usage of certain designs, usually in one piece, can be used as symbols that signify the essence of the wedding. For example, for an Indian wedding you can have an enlarged version of the mangal-sutra placed in the centre of the hall symbolising the sanctity of the marriage. The oversized item can also be the subject of your theme. Placing the item should be planned in the way that your guests get to see it easily.

• Meals and tables – You may want to choose the cutlery and all other items associated with meals from the in-house caterers of the venue. Ask how the tables will be decorated. You may want to use decorative items like flower vases and candle holders inserted between food items to adorn the tables. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that you do not let the meals tables get overcrowded.

• Mandap – Coming to the most important section for the décor, the mandap, where the bride and groom are seated and the ceremony is conducted, has its backdrop decorated lush with flowers, eye-catching colours and light effects. This is where the centre of the décor for the wedding day lies. The furniture should be carefully chosen to match the rest of the décor. You may use silk or garlands for the pillars of the mandap.