Oregon residents know how unique the region is: scenic landscapes, mild temperatures and ample rains that bring about lush plant life. Still, the same things we love about Portland present unique challenges when choosing a roofing contractor for your roofing project. Here are some things to consider when choosing your next Portland, OR Portland Roofing Company roofer:

1. Does the roofing company have local experience?

Your roofing contractor should have several years of experience and be able to provide local references. Since Portland gets a lot of rain, a steeply pitched roof is Portland Roofer recommended; a steep pitch allows the precipitation to flow into the gutters. Otherwise, moisture will sit and absorb into your roof, especially in shady areas, and moss or algae will start to grow and compromise the health of your roof. If your home does not allow for a steep pitch or if there are many shady areas, an experienced Portland, OR roofer will know how to adjust the project to ensure your new roof will stay waterproof as long as possible.

2. Request a free, no obligation roof inspection.

Scheduling an appointment for an estimate will give you an opportunity to meet with different roof contractors, ask questions prior to starting the project, and enable you to get a feel for how knowledgeable the contractor seems. Experienced roofers should have answers for your questions at no cost to you, and should also be able to tell if you need to repair parts of your roof instead of replacing it entirely.

Here are some questions to ask:

— Are there special details about your roof that could add extra cost?
— How many crew members are there?
— Are all crew members properly trained, licensed and insured?
— When can the contractor start the project, and how long do they expect it will take to complete?
— What measures will the roofer take if it starts raining during the course of the project?

3. Double-check on cleanup and warranty policies.

A high-quality Portland, OR roofer will know how to handle these aspects of your project. Make sure to get a contractor who commits to proper cleanup, removing the old materials around your home during the course of the project. Additionally, ongoing maintenance is required to keep your roof in prime condition as long as possible.