While you are probably more concerned about the interior décor of the house, the truth is that the façade matters as well. After all, you don’t want your Outdoor Lighting Nashville home to be the one that drags down the real estate value of the neighborhood, right? However, many people constantly postpone the exterior ‘beautification” project because they consider it’s extremely expensive. True, a complete makeover of the house will cost you a hefty sum, but there are a few simple tricks that can transform your property into the star of the neighborhood without dipping into your kids’ college fund. Let’s elaborate.

1. The image of your home doesn’t start with the Landscape Lighting Nashville front door

When you think about it, the appeal of a house is determined by the sum of all elements present on the property, a conglomerate of factors if you will. Consequentially, before you evaluate the structural elements that require an upgrade, you should first examine the yard. Simple things such as chaotically growing hedges, an improperly trimmed lawn, a cracked sidewalk/entryway or topped off garbage cans in front of the house are incredibly distasteful and unpleasant to the eye.

In order to get the full perspective, go across the street and examine the yard problems that you should be addressing. You will be amazed how much a healthy raked lawn and neatly trimmed hedges can enhance your property’s aspect. Don’t forget to mask or hide the garbage bins.

2. The paint job is the oldest trick in the book

After you have addressed the yard problems, it’s time to move your project forward. If your home’s last paint job was performed a long time ago, then it is advisable to repaint the whole thing, including walls, doors/windows trimmings, the yard’s picket fence, etc. On the other hand, if you have recently painted the sidings, then you can simply stick to the doors and windows trimmings. In order to maximize the visibility of the improvements, you can always go for slightly contrasting tones for these locations.

And, since you’ve already taken out the ladder, then why not replace those old leaky gutters/downspouts with brad new shiny versions made from chrome or stainless steel? These fixtures are virtually inexpensive and tend to boost property value as well as appeal quite a lot.