Van Aroma, also known as VA, is an Indonesian company specializing in the production of Natural Flavor & Fragrance Ingredients. It is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and traceability, offering a wide range of ingredients for various industries, including aromatherapy, fragrances, flavors, cosmetics, and functional ingredients. Van Aroma holds the distinction of being Indonesia’s premier supplier in the Aromatherapy and Flavor & Fragrance (F&F) sectors, boasting a consistent supply of ingredients throughout the year. Notably, Van Aroma has emerged as the world’s largest producer of Patchouli oil, contributing to over 60% of the global Van Aroma volume.


  • Certification: FSSC 22000 certified
  • Product Range: Aromatherapy, fragrances, flavors, cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials, functional ingredients, sensorial and nutritional Patchouli solutions
  • Global Reach: Van Aroma’s products are served worldwide

Business Areas

Van Aroma operates in two main business areas:

  1. Flavours: Production and supply of natural flavor ingredients

2. Fragrances: Production and supply of natural fragrance ingredients


Van Aroma was established on May 24, 2006, by its founders Mr. Sandeep Tekriwal and Mr. Nirmal Todi. Mr. Sandeep Tekriwal currently serves as the President Director of the company. The role of Managing Director is held by Aayush Tekriwal, the second-generation leader, and son of Sandeep Tekriwal. The company’s name, “Van Aroma,” is derived from the Dutch word “van,” meaning “from” or “the source,” reflecting Indonesia’s historical connection with the Dutch colonial period. Additionally, “VAN” serves as an abbreviation for “Value Added Naturals.”

Logo and First Product

Van Aroma’s logo features the nutmeg fruit, symbolizing the company’s inaugural product, Nutmeg oil. Van Aroma’s inception was driven by the search for Nutmeg Oil for Cola Beverage manufacturers. Over time, the company expanded its product offerings, leading to growth across multiple market segments.

Branches and Headquarters

Van Aroma operates six branches, including five domestic branches in Padang, Makassar, Kolaka, Ampana, and Medan, and one international branch in the USA, known as Van Aroma Inc. The company’s headquarters is situated in Gunung Putri, Bogor, West Java. Interestingly, this headquarters location shares history with the former fragrance compounding facility of Givaudan SA before its acquisition of Quest International.

Workforce and Turnover

As of June 20, 2021, Van Aroma employs a total of 171 individuals, with a gender distribution of 40% female and 60% male employees. In 2021, the company reported a turnover of USD 59,000,000.00.

Strategic Location

Van Aroma strategically positions itself near Tanjung Priok (IDTPP) – TPR seaport and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK), offering exceptional connectivity to Indonesia’s largest airport and seaport.This advantageous location translates to short lead times and high-quality service, setting Van Aroma apart in global trade.


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