Introduction – A Digital World

In a world of digital entertainment, from Blue Market Media digital TV channels to web hosted content, browsers now have an invaluable source of knowledge at their finger tips, on demand.

Businesses are now realizing that the best way to source new products and services is through digital media, as it’s an instantaneous source of research. In Blue Market Media UK fact figures suggest that over 90% of us use the internet to research products or services before we commit to buy – a growing percentage of this is from mobile technologies.

Online marketing spend has just tipped the scales and overtaken print. Something experts expected to happen but not quite this early, with the rise of online tools to make marketing your company quick and easy, and what is more important, cost effectively.

With this increase in online advertising brings competition. Competition in terms of companies dreaming up new and inventive ways to engage an audience, and with digital media, almost anything is possible.

The Search Engines

With a sharp increase in Google and Microsoft’s Adcenter search engine advertising, the cost of advertising is steadily increasing also, with the most popular keywords costing way above £5 ‘per click’ to your site. This may not seem much, but if you are generating clicks and no enquiries, it is an expensive and time wasted exercise.

So what else is available through digital media? Well, Apple have just launched a great service in the US called ‘iAD’, which enables an advertiser to promote their products and services directly to mobile technology, namely your iPhone or iPad, using the new HTML5 code. This code allows the browser to receive advertising in a number of exciting formats, from video through to animation. But, it’s not available here yet and if we do not see some similar competition, prices to advertise will be very high.