MBBS in Guyana has become one of the preferred medical destinations for Indian students.

And, why not it should Guyana be?

MBBS program in Guyana has been considered among the best medical programs across the world.

In this blog, we are going to share the top reasons that make Guyana an attractive destination to study MBBS.

7 Reason to Study MBBS in Guyana

1. Geography and Language

  • Guyana is considered an attractive destination by students who plan to study MBBS and then settle abroad because it is close to the United States.
  • Besides its excellent geographical location, the main speaking language of the country is English, which makes studying the MBBS program in Guyana
  • Students familiar with the English language can easily adapt to the study material without having to learn an additional language.
  • Several Guyanese universities also offer medical degrees recognized by leading healthcare organizations such as the WHO.

2. Hassle Free Admission Process:

  • Students need to follow a simple process to enroll in the best medical program in Guyana. Students only need to fill a registration page on college websites.
  • Students can also pay their fees online and use their 12 standard grades for registration purposes.
  • In most universities, students only need to pass a simple entrance exam to get admission.

3. Affordable MBBS Studies:

  • The main reason students choose to study MBBS in Guyana is that it is affordable.
  • The annual fee is quite low compared to an MBBS in the USA and other countries.
  • Also, students do not have to pay for admission and medical seat, which is generally the norm in some countries.