Buying 5 star ratings and positive review for one’s application has become very popular nowadays. If you want to make your app popular then buy app ratings and reviews, it is that simple. However, the increasing number of fake applications that have been downloaded thanks to fake reviews has become very reviews disturbing.

Application developers are aware of the fact that if they do not advertise their applications, they will get no money so they are doing everything possible in order to make their apps more visible to customers, thus they even bought ratings and reviews. Their apps have risen on the Google Play App Classifications and the number of downloads has reviews site increased.

This practice is common among freelancers from different platforms that ask for reviews and hire people to give them reviews.

Some certain mistakes developers make is that they buy 50-100 reviews and ratings- only 5 star reviews, all at a time. It becomes very obvious if an application has only 5 stars ratings. Google Play will find out will find out it is a fake.

Apple intervention will cause that application to lose its purchased ratings. There is no possibility for the developer to remove the app and publish it again because in this case it would have to wait for Google’s approval.

What Must Be Done In Order To Avoid Being Detected?

Application publishers can buy application ratings and reviews from specialized providers. The logic is simple. If an application has no visitors for days and suddenly it gets 20 reviews and 20 five star ratings it will be obvious that it is a fake. There is a pace that must be maintained. If an application gets 20 reviews today, it may also get 20 tomorrow and so on. In this case there is nothing very suspicious. The reviews must not be very brief otherwise it will be clear that it is a fake.