In industries where the risk of explosion looms – a reality for sectors like mining, gas, and petrochemistry, safety is not just a priority; it’s an imperative. The European Union’s ATEX certification represents a crucial shield against such explosive threats, providing a regulatory framework that ensures the safety of equipment used in these hazardous environments.

Intrinsically Safe Solutions for High-Risk Zones

At the heart of explosion-proof industrial operations are intrinsically safe products. These meticulously engineered devices are designed to prevent the ignition of flammable gases, vapors, or dust. From pressure transducers to optical sensors, the range of ATEX certified products is vast, catering to a multitude of applications across various explosive zones.

The Role of ATEX Certification in Modern Industries

ATEX certification is more than just a compliance marker; it’s a testament to the reliability and safety of equipment that operates under the most challenging conditions. Each certified product undergoes rigorous testing to meet the stringent requirements set forth by EU regulations. This certification is not just about adhering to standards – it’s about upholding a commitment to safety and excellence

When it comes to the mining, gas or petrochemical industries, safety always comes first, especially in the context of the risk of explosion. To ensure maximum safety for employees and protection of facilities, it is necessary to use specialized equipment that is adapted to work in these dangerous conditions. ATEX certified products play a key role in creating a safe working environment that can withstand even the most demanding circumstances. The MM Group, with extensive experience and knowledge, offers a wide range of intrinsic safe devices that meet all European Union regulatory requirements. By using our offer, you become part of a safer industrial world, minimizing the risk of explosion-related disasters.

Intrinsic safe devices are specialized products designed to function safely in explosion hazard zones – these are areas where there are above-standard concentrations of gases, dust or flammable vapors. Our range includes, among others, PiR sensors and dual PiR + MW sensors powered by a safe MM 2012 power supply, Sx ex electromagnetic locks, certified Ethernet modules, intrinsically safe pressure transducers, and a whole range of other devices adapted to work in the most difficult conditions. Each of them has been designed to ensure the highest safety standards while maintaining optimal work efficiency.

Ensuring safety in EX zones is a comprehensive challenge that requires the use of proven and reliable solutions. ATEX certified products form the basis of such a safe environment, offering peace of mind that each device has been thoroughly tested and meets all necessary standards. By choosing products from our offer, you can be sure that you are investing in technologies that will protect your company, its employees and property against unexpected events, such as explosions or fires, thus securing the continuity of work and production.

What are ATEX certified products?

ATEX certification is a European standard that specifies requirements for devices and protection systems used in places where there is a risk of explosion. It covers both explosive zones in the mining industry as well as in the gas and petrochemical sectors. Thanks to ATEX certification, products can be safely used in potentially explosive environments, ensuring the protection of both workers and equipment.

Use of ATEX certified products in industry

ATEX certified products are used where there is a risk of explosion, including the mining, gas and petrochemical industries. They are required for devices and systems operating in these zones to ensure maximum operational security. From sensors to power supplies, every device intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres must meet stringent ATEX standards to be approved for use.

Examples of ATEX certified products

Explosion-safe PiR sensors and PiR + MW dual sensors

PiR sensors and dual PiR + MW sensors certified according to ATEX are key elements of anti-burglary systems in potentially explosive areas. Powered by the intrinsically safe MM 2012 power supply and protected by the MM5016 dual-channel relay separator, they form a set that can be safely used in hazardous locations.

Explosion-proof power supplies and insulators

Power supplies and isolators in the ATEX standard ensure safe power supply and protection of devices in EX zones. They are necessary to maintain the reliability and safety of systems operating in potentially explosive environments.

Electromagnetic locks Sx ex

ATEX certified Sx ex electromagnetic locks are an effective solution for access control in EX zones. Thanks to cooperation with both the manufacturer’s access control systems and third-party ACU systems, they enable safe management of entry and exit in potentially explosive atmospheres.

ATEX Ethernet modules

ATEX-certified 9474-ET and 9474-ETG Ethernet modules are advanced devices enabling safe network connections in EX zones. The use of these modules allows you to maintain reliable communication between devices in an explosive environment.