This not only makes Kolkata a very vibrant city, an important city, a city that grows with you and within you, no matter wherever you are in this big Spa in kolkata world. A bit of Kolkata remains in you.And Kolkata welcomes you to live all your life here, make your family, make money, raise your children, rise up the social and economic ladder, to grow with her, and make you’re a better one and a conscientious one.And how do you do that? Invest in the real estate, buy a flat or office or land in Kolkata- make your first connection with the city. There are many builders in Kolkata to help you invest in and buy the right real estate for you. And you can get to choose from a large variety of options, as there have been many new projects, both commercial and Thai body Massage center residential, coming up in various parts of the city. It might be important to tell the visitor that most of Kolkata has been developing on the southern side and reached its peak, as most of the middle and upper middle class people have been living there already. Property rates are on the higher side here than the rest of Kolkata. Areas like EM Byepass, Ballygunj, Gariahat and Jodhpur Park, in south Kolkata are priced at 2400- 3500 INR per square feet. It might be a wise decision to look at New Town (east), Rajarhat (east), Jessore Road (north), Kaikhali (south), Narendrapur (south), Keshtopur, Jadhavpur, Kasba and other nearby areas.As the city grows to accommodate many people who come from all over the country for work and in search of life, the real estate in the city will have to cater to the housing and commercial demands of the population. It is estimated that the real estate market in Kolkata is still in a nascent stage and will witness at least twenty years of exponential growth.Kolkata is also favored by the government as a realty destination. As a result, builders and developers across the city are finding the best of land and developing them into hot real estate destinations. All parts of real estate- residential, commercial and retail are witnessing massive developments in order to meet the ever growing demands of property. As Kolkata transforms itself from a sleepy city into a bubbling IT destination, decentralization in growth has begun to happen. As a result, Central Kolkata has already seen vast areas of expansion in real estate and IT and related sector. However, this growth still has to gain momentum across all parts of Kolkata, and therefore investing in real estate in all parts of Kolkata is a very viable and attractive option.So this is one of the most opportune moments to buy real estate in Kolkata, just go online and find that builder who delivers according to your needs and demands